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Post by Admin on Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:09 pm

Well, if you just started playing on Bugged.Ro and romanian isn't your first language you need to type on chat [/en] so you will play in the english mode.

At level 1-3 you need to get money, type [/jobs], find one and go to the red checkpoint, when you get there you're meant to type [/getjob].

Trucker - You have to transport goods from one place to another. You get in a truck, get the trailer and go to the red checkpoint.
Pizza boy - You get on the pizza bike and type [/pizza] and go to the red checkpoint.
Detective - You won't get money by having this job, this only helps you to find players by typing [/find].
Fisherman - You have to type [/fish] at the fishing place, and then you have to go to a shop(24/7) a box will appear, you're meant to click "YES" to sell the fish. If you can't find 24/7 type [/where] -> Los Santos/Las Venturas -> 24/7.
Arms Dealer - Depends on your activity to sell guns to people.
Drug Dealer - Depends on your activity to sell drugs to people by typing [/selldrugs], you get the drugs with the command [/getdrugs].
Car Jacker - You have to find any car and then type [/dropcar], go to the red checkpoint and then you'll get an amount of money for that car.
Garbage man - You have to get a Trashmaster vehicle and then type [/collecttrash], go to the red checkpoint and then press "N", and so on.

At level 3 you can get a car, type [/where] -> Dealership, when you get there type [/buyvehicle] to buy one, or you can get them from other players.


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